FAST FACT: Cellulose insulation controls moisture by holding back the movement of air produced by wind, mechanical imbalances and the stack effect. No other insulation does all that.

Premier cellulose insulation: From a premier manufacturer.

Whether you need insulation for your home, business or commercial project, Central Fiber® can provide quality, natural-fiber insulation and the installers to do the job.

Cellulose insulation does more than help cut heating and cooling costs. It's extremely fire-retardant and helps control moisture. And it does it all while being made from at least 85% recycled materials – another way it makes you feel good.

The benefits of cellulose insulation

The Greenest of the Green
  • Maximum energy savings and comfort
  • 85% post-consumer recycled content
  • Pest and fire resistant
  • Small carbon footprint
  • No fiberglass, formaldehyde or asbestos

Cellulose Products

  • Xcell®

    Xcell® cellulose insulation combines recycled newsprint with a naturally-occurring, non-toxic fire retardant chemical – for superior insulating product everyone can live with. It lowers heating and cooling costs as it reduces the amount of newsprint going to landfills.

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  • CLEAN®

    CLEAN® is the next generation of cellulose insulation. Made from natural fibers – its primary ingredient is recycled newsprint – no traditional product insulates as well.

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